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MARCOD is Silver Label Certified.

In early January, MARCOD once again received the Silver Label Certificate at ECEI (The European Cluster Excellence Initiative), which is EU's shared initiative to strengthen and ensure the highest possible standards for clusters in Europe.

It is a guarantee for the maritime organisations in Northern Jutland to cooperate with a professional cluster organisation, which match effort and service with the needs of the organisation.

Since 2011, MARCOD's work has included support of growth and job creation in the maritime organisations in Business Region North Jutland through different activities and services.

"MARCOD has achieved the Silver Label Certificate again because they are a strong and professional cluster organisation with a regional foundation. They have a close dialogue with their members and know about their needs, which means they can implement initiatives and services that match the specific need" says Kasper Juel Gregersen from Cluster Excellence Denmark, who has been in charge of the certificate process.

EU considers professional clusters to be an important business policy instrument, and findings show that innovative networks and clusters contribute to the organisations' innovation. A Silver Label Certificate is an expression of organisational structure and dedicated work towards the excellent.

"As a certified cluster, we are benchmarked against other clusters, which gives us inspiration and is therefore also the members' guarantee that they cooperate with a cluster organisation that is on top of things" says Christine Lunde, CEO at MARCOD.

At the moment, Denmark has 14 Gold Clusters, six Silver Clusters and 18 Bronze Clusters. To be considered as a Silver Cluster, one has to be certified with the Bronze Label and show improvements within three areas of two benchmarked analyses. MARCOD has made improvements by expanding its product portfolio to its members and its way of doing strategic processes in the maritime networks.

Facts about the Silver Certificate

The European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) is established by the EU Comission to improve methods to support the development of cluster organisations. A set of quality indicators have been collected across 13 partners from nine countries in order to measure cluster management with a broad European accept of methodology and measurement. The quality labelling system consists of three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze Label. Silver is an expression of a functioning organisational structure as well as working on developing the cluster organisations toward the excellent.

61 clusters and networks in Europe have achieved either Silver or Gold. Experiences show that cluster excellence - well-functioning management of clusters and networks - are more important to gain success than previously thought. Today, we know that management within clusters and networks is about continuous development and offering the activities the networks need.

The benefits of completing the ECEI Silver Certificate:

  • The process inside the cluster organisation can create the foundation of the cluster management
  • The certificate report consists of concrete recommendations that the cluster management can use to implement its strategy and make improvements
  • An international approval of the cluster organisation that achieve international visibility and easier access to financing nationally and internationally
  • The internationally leading cluster organisations gain access to a number of benefits and activities provided by EU

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