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Jeppe Ørskov, Director, Orskov Yard A/S

”In terms of a cluster, we aim to be the best repair yard in the Nordics, and the strongest cluster when it comes to service and repair. In connection with this aim, we use MARCOD. I was a little skeptical when the center began two years ago, but only have praise for them. When the maritime cluster members discuss something, they are extremely good at grabbing the ball and taking the ideas to the next stage. Something we, in our individual companies, don’t the resources to handle”.

Lars Peter Jensen, Director, Strandby Net / Vonin Offshore A/S

“MARCOD has assisted Strandby Net /Vonin Offshore A/S to determine various scenarios for growth, for example by formulating the task description, helping to apply for funding for market research and a sales strategy for a new market (offshore), as well as skills development within our organisation in order to achieve our desired goals. We are very pleased with the support and professional dialogue received from MARCOD, and are convinced that the results would not have been achieved as quickly if we had been without that help.”

Kristoffer Jensen, COO, Danish Yachts A/S

”MARCOD helps to open several opportunities that we perhaps might not have the resources to do something about otherwise. If they hadn’t been involved in the Næssund carbon fibre ferry project, it probably wouldn’t have happened, because we ourselves wouldn’t have been able to allocate time to applying for funding and so on. Cooperation with MARCOD has, therefore, been very valuable to us.”

Kim Pedersen, Chairman, Serviceteam Skagen Havn

”MARCOD has helped Serviceteam Skagen Havn to formulate a mutual strategy for moving forward with concrete steps in order to strengthen the network in the global maritime competitive arena. This work has given the network a stronger mutual platform and ensures that all member companies share a clear picture of where we’re headed – and everyone heads in the same direction.”

Tom Samson, Chairman, Maritime Network Frederikshavn

”Without the alliance with MARCOD, we wouldn’t have come as far in our strategic process as we are today. Our new business plan, for which MARCOD has been the primus motor, will help to create new business areas and further growth for companies in the network. It also forms a basis for sub-projects with smaller groups of companies, targeting selected market segments.”

Lars Kiær, Director, Green Instruments A/S, Brønderslev

”In connection with Green Instruments’ new growth strategy, we have used MARCOD’s consultants for professional dialogue and consulting around our future branding and communication strategy. The consultants have been competen in their fields and highly professional, and together we have reached a very good basis from which to work further.”

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