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Maritime conferences and knowledge sharing

We arrange conferences and seminars which focus on current maritime subjects, such as business opportunities within green technology for ships, supply from Defence Command Denmark and so on.


Did you know?

  • The Blue Denmark employs 115.000 people
  • Denmark is responsible for 10% of the total transport of world trade
  • Denmark is the world´s 4th largest maritime nation
  • Denmark is among the world´s leading nations when it comes to environmental ship building and ship repair
  • Northern Jutland has 400+ maritime companies
  • The Blue Northern Jutland is characterized by service & repair companies, as well as, equipment suppliers
  • The Blue Northern Jutland employs 16.000+ people (10% of the workforce in Northern Jutland)
  • The maritime employment in Northern Jutland is increasing especially maritime equipment suppliers
  • The Blue Northern Jutland makes up 10% of the Blue Denmark
  • The fish industry and maritime equipment and services form 75% of the total maritime production in Northern Jutland
  • An increasing number of companies in Northern Jutland is part of formalized maritime network
  • Network and clusters create innovation, cooperation and visibility

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