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Maritime Research and Knowledge Sharing

MARCOD cooperates with knowledge institutions and organisations to strengthen and raise the profile of relevant research and knowledge to the maritime organisations.
Furthermore, MARCOD communicates the challenges of the maritime industry.

Examples include:

  • Knowledge input and knowledge sharing at network meetings and across networks
  • One-to-one meetings with organisations about concrete challenges
  • Visits to different departments at Aalborg University such as The Department of Energy Technology and The Department of Materials and Productions
  • Identifying possible Business PhD projects and matching researchers to project ideas and/or organisational challenges
  • Maritime Afternoons with focus on concrete topics where researchers from Aalborg University are matched with member organisations based on project potential
  • Business Lunches - closed workshops based on an organisation's concrete challenges matched with relevant organisations and educational institutions, which can contribute to solving the problems and releasing the potential
  • Presentations about maritime industry trends for inspiration in relation to your organisation's business development and strategies
  • Development projects i.e. an autonomous harbour ferry in Aalborg that will transfer passengers back and forth between The House of Music (Musikkens Hus) and Stigsborg Harbour Front (Stigsborg Havnefront).
    Watch the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTU9W-utrRc (only in Danish).

One-pager about Maritime Research and Knowledge Sharing

Green domestic ferries - the right solution for the environment and for your bottom line

In 2017, Morten Vinde, a former student from The Department of Planning at AAU, made a semester project at MARCOD. The semester project is about opportunities and decision processes for new emission-free domestic ferries in Northern Jutland. We believe his paper raises many interesting opportunities and is the reason why we have summarised his key points in the abovementioned brochure (Only in Danish).

PhD project in cooperation with MARCOD

In November 2015, PhD student Roberto Rivas researched in cooperation with MARCOD how maritime service businesses in Denmark develop new services and products, which meet strict global environmental regulations within the maritime sector. Roberto's research areas include:

  • Public-private partnerships within maritime cleantech development
  • Ballast water systems and business models
  • Why shipowners install environmental technology
  • Market development for small and medium-sized maritime organisations

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