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Maritime Apprentice Programme


It can be diffidult for the organisation's apprentices to maintain focus during a busy day at work with production and operations.

How do you guarantee:

  • That they learn everything they need to know?
  • That the talented apprentices are challenged?
  • That there is time and resources left to take care of the apprentices who need it?

Highly qualified employees is a major competition parameter along with order intake and well-functioning products. Your organisation benefits from an active partnership in The Apprentice Programme as it plays a part in securing talented, skilled labour with a minimum usage of the organisation's resources.


The purpose of The Apprentice Programme is:

  • Contribute to educating both skilled and more apprentices
  • Optimise the apprentice education programmes through close dialogue with organisations/vocational schools
  • Develop shared apprentice programmes between organisations
  • Develop rotation systems and arrange apprentice exchanges between organisations
  • Increase the intake of more talented young people to the maritime industry
  • Strengthen the image of the maritime vocational educations
  • Maintain and provide mentor's assistance to the organisation's apprentices
  • Brand the care
    er options in the maritime industry

The maritime education programme was established in 2014 based on the following:

  • Lack of qualified labour
  • Investment in the future
  • Wish for taking social responsibility
  • Develop better apprenticeships


Annual subscription DKK 15,000 ex VAT together with a fee for each apprentice, which will be calculated once a year and is valid in one calender year at a time depending on the number of partners and apprentices.

Director: Christine Lunde
Mobile: +45 23 32 03 32
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maritime Apprentice Coordinator


Anette H. Sørensen
Education Consultant
Mobile: +45 22 62 48 99
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maritime Apprentice Coordinator Anette H. Sørensen has years of experience with recruitment procedures and education of apprentices, and she has been mentor for a large number of apprentices who have had the need for extra support through their apprenticeship. Moreover, Anette has comprehensive knowledge of the maritime educations and educational institutions within the region. She advises and counsels the organisations and the apprentices regarding any question about education and apprenticeship within the areas of smiths, maritime service engineers, industrial technicians, electricians, electronics technicians as well as stock and office workers. The Apprentice Programme has also established a rotation system for the maritime service engineer apprentices and made agreements with electrician apprentices and industrial technician apprentices where several organisations educate the apprentice together.

Anette represents maritime organisations in:
The support team for industrial technicians
The local choices of education in: Machines and Tools at Tech College & Smiths and Steel Constructions at EUC Nord.

The programme consists of the following organisations:

MARCOD houses The Maritime Apprentice Programme for the maritime organisations in Business Region North Denmark, which helps the organisations receive more and better apprentices.


Orskov Yard offers all-round one stop solutions covering all aspects of ship repair and conversions

Man Logo 363076fb774e5eec31ced0bf29b4f80e

Orskov Yard offers all-round one stop solutions covering all aspects of ship repair and conversions

Hirtshals Yard

Hirtshals Yard A/S offers total solutions of ship repair

Vestkajen Logo

Vestkajens Maskinværksted provides services to the fishing fleet, the merchant fleet and different industrial enterprises

Soft Teknik 279e222ac2a9962693280d3e8eff321a 87249ab6f892154335e1f28af4fabfad

Soft & Teknik offers electrical hardware and software solutions and automation

Ksmaskinteknik Logo 4d1a84c2da9fdd7aa1950baa15752e2a

KS Maskinteknik has years of experience with CNC machining services and use methods such as drilling, turning and milling


Victor is specialised in larger pipe installations, process modules, steel constructions, refrigerating and HVAC

Mariendal 4bffb41c1b17d11fd5f68ef8b42bc2c8

Mariendal Electrics is known for electric installation regarding safety, energy, automation, marine and IT


KM Automatik offers authorised electricians when needing new electric installations or an extension or servicing of existing installations


SeaMech is a maritime electronic organisation and specialises in the installation and repair of advanced electronics including control technology and electronic installations for different types of ships

SL Power

SL Power is an independent supplier of service, repair and sale of spare parts to engines for the maritime industry and offshore industry


RASI Maskinfabrik A/S is specialised in the 4, 5 and 7-axis CNC machining in regard to prototypes and smaller orders. They cover everything from disability equipment to hydraulic manifolds

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialised products and engineering solutions based on the organisation’s key technologies within heat transmission, separation, fluid handling, boilers, scrubbers, ballast water treatment systems etc.

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